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Survey about achondroplasia
We have designed a questionnaire with the purpose to better know the population connected to achondroplasia.
The questionnaire is optional and anonymous. The data obtained will be used for statistical purposes and to better understand the natural history of achondroplasia. Please consider answering.
If you would like to take the survey later, you can click on the link at the top "Register at BA"
ba research study us

A new study is going to take place in the USA to collect the perspectives of adolescents and young adults with achondroplasia about medicine options and choices for achondroplasia.

Who is invited to participate?

  • Adolescents/young adults (male and female) that have achondroplasia
  • Aged between 12 to 20 years old (inclusive)
  • Living in the USA
  • Speak and write English
  • Willing and able to attend a telephone interview and to have that interview audio recorded
  • Willing and able to provide informed consent
  • For participants aged 12 to 17, consent from the parent/guardian will be needed also. Parents can attend the interview too
  • And, Not participating in a clinical trial for achondroplasia currently

What does it include?

  • 60 minute telephone interview, to be scheduled according to your son/daughter availability
  • For time and experience, participants will receive a gratification of $125


How to take part?

  • If you are interested in participating, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Thank You.