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Survey about achondroplasia
We have designed a questionnaire with the purpose to better know the population connected to achondroplasia.
The questionnaire is optional and anonymous. The data obtained will be used for statistical purposes and to better understand the natural history of achondroplasia. Please consider answering.
If you would like to take the survey later, you can click on the link at the top "Register at BA"

Parents experiences in achondroplasia - a completed research study

The Brod Group, a science-based health outcomes research agency, led a multinational research project on achondroplasia, involving parents of children with achondroplasia living in the USA, UK, Australia or New Zealand. It was finalized on the 31st May 2022.

When there is a will, there is a way!

Johannes is a 12 years old boy from Sweden and his father wanted to share his experience to say that if there is a will, there is a way.

Interview study to pilot test a survey on children's and parent's experience with achondroplasia

The Brod Group, a science-based health outcomes research group based in the USA, is conducting an interview study for a new survey on achondroplasia. Children with achondroplasia living in the USA, aged 9 or 10 yo are being invited to participate.

Ascendis Pharma update during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ascendis Pharma shared some notes due to the COVID-19 pandemic with patient organizations advocating for achondroplasia to inform patients and families.

BioMarin update - Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Update for European Achondroplasia Associations 8 April 2020 BioMarin is providing this statement to provide general information about the company's clinical development program for achondroplasia in the context of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. "As more cases of COVID-19 are confirmed, we recognize the increased challenges and concerns faced by participants in the BioMarin clinical studies. The safety and well-being of study participants, healthcare providers, and our communities is par […]

How is Pfizer responding to COVID-19 - Dreambird clinical trial

Pfizer is pausing for three weeks the recruitment portion of the company's new and ongoing global interventional clinical studies.
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