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Опрос об ахондроплазии
Мы разработали вопросник с целью лучше узнать о людях, связанных с ахондроплазией.
Этот вопросник является необязательным и анонимным.
Полученные данные будут использоваться для статистических целей и лучшего понимания естественного развития ахондроплазии. Пожалуйста, обдумайте ответы.

Если вы хотите принять участие в опросе позже, вы можете нажать на ссылку в верхней части «Регистрация».

ERBF Sponsored Educational Symposium at ECTS Congress

The European Rare Bone Forum (ERBF) is a patient-led Forum and networking arena between Patient Organisations, Scientific Societies and Industry working in Rare Bone conditions. Inês Alves, founder of Beyond Achondroplasia, and President of ANDO Portugal is a member of ERBF. The ECTS Congress is the annual event of the European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS), the major organisation in Europe for researchers and clinicians working in the musculoskeletal field. that acts as a forum […]

Achondroplasia Academy 2022 | 7-9 June | Lisbon

The BioMarin medical team is delighted to invite health professionals to join an expert faculty in a 1.5-day meeting in Lisbon to discuss and debate themes relevant to the lifetime perspectives of people with achondroplasia. This event works by direct invitation only and is exclusive for health professionals (HCP).


The 15th International Skeletal Dysplasia Society Meeting will be held in Santiago, Chile, on August 24 - 27, 2022. This meeting happens on a two-year basis and is conducted in a friendly and familial environment to promote networking and sharing of expertise.

ASBMR 2022 Annual Meeting | September 9-12

The ASBMR Annual Meeting is the world’s largest and most diverse meeting in the bone, mineral and musculoskeletal research field, attracting more than 2,000 attendees from more than 60 countries, including clinicians and researchers, representing all career levels and specializing in a variety of disciplines.

The Advances in Achondroplasia 2023 Conference

The "Advances in Achondroplasia 2023 Conference" is being organised by the European Achondroplasia Forum (EAF) and will take place on April 21st and 22nd in Frankfurt, and will feature a fantastic programme, led by an international esteemed faculty, including plenary lectures, practical workshops, panel discussions and new data sessions.

12th ECRD 2024 | European Conference on Rare Diseases

12th ECRD 2024 | European Conference on Rare Diseases ECRD is Europe's largest patient-led policy-making event for rare diseases. It brings together rare disease patients and their representatives, policy makers, healthcare industry representatives, doctors, regulators and member state representatives to shape the policies of the future for rare diseases. With over 1000 participants, it is a unique opportunity to network and exchange valuable ideas within the rare disease community. The next E […]
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