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Survey about achondroplasia
We have designed a questionnaire with the purpose to better know the population connected to achondroplasia.
The questionnaire is optional and anonymous. The data obtained will be used for statistical purposes and to better understand the natural history of achondroplasia. Please consider answering.
If you would like to take the survey later, you can click on the link at the top "Register at BA"

[Free Full Text] Polyphenols on chondrocyte growth and survival

This research team suggested that specific polyphenols, acquired from diet, may have an effect on chondrocytes, restoring their function and stimulating them to produce Extra Cellular Matrix.

[Free Full Text] Increased bone turnover and possible accelerated fracture healing in a murine model with an increased circulating C-type natriuretic peptide - Nakao 2015

This paper shows a link between CNP and bone turnover. CNP analogues are being developed for the treatment of achondroplasia.

Challenges of treating growth plate in children with achondroplasia

There are many challenges in drug development for any disease. This paper raises questions related to achondroplasia drug development in particular, such as the ethical problems to be considered, as well as the rarity of the disease ad problems with specificity of the drug towards the mutated receptor FGFR3. Learn more here.
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