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Survey about achondroplasia
We have designed a questionnaire with the purpose to better know the population connected to achondroplasia.
The questionnaire is optional and anonymous. The data obtained will be used for statistical purposes and to better understand the natural history of achondroplasia. Please consider answering.
If you would like to take the survey later, you can click on the link at the top "Register at BA"
Primer premio Maia Autor Andrés Gómez Asturias 2 detail
"Maia". Photography by Andrés Gómez

The photo "Maia", from the Asturian photographer Andrés Gómez, has won the first prize in the XIII Contest of Digital Photography "People with disabilities in everyday life", organized by the Institute for Community Integration (INICO) and the Foundation North Group. A total of 385 professional and amateur photographers from 14 countries participated in this year competition. This competition has become a benchmark for Spain and Latin America. The award is endowed with a cash prize of 2,000 euros, diploma and a trophy.

This photo is part of the project "More than an image" that currently is being developed by the author for ALPE Achondroplasia Foundation, which aims to bring to the European society the lives of people with this disorder bone growth through photography. Credits: Tribuna Valladolid

Maia is a brilliant 12 years-old girl from Spain and underwent a bilateral lengthening process, simultaneously in the tibiae and femurs. Congratulations to Maia, for her inspiring endeavor and to her family.


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