Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

Two years and counting


Two years have passed since this instant, when Clara was born.

The perception of time passing has such an amazingly personal and unique touch and ability to slow or fast our nature clock. And passing by all these days and nights by her side, seems to have been just an immense single day, that begun in a dawn of unutterable sorrow, weakness and dispair, that in the hardest hours, stumbled in a severe sleep apnea, an emergency cervical-medullar decompression, several otitis and infection moments… But the daylight became brighter and we could discover the most pure love, filled with true (re)construction of the self, enlightened each corner never touched of our soul.

And when the dusk opened a profound state of mind, the night came. And now, while Clara rests peacefully in her dreams, she holds our hand in each breath, to takes us to the most surprising time we can have: the time to makes us grow inside out, together.

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