Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

January 5, 2017
by inesp.alves

Therachon protein for achondroplasia: TA-46

A press release from Business Wire stated that Therachon AG, a biotechnology company focused on rare genetic diseases, announced today it has appointed Luca Santarelli, M.D., as Chief Executive Officer and Director, and raised more $5 million for new medicines R&D (research a … Continue reading

June 30, 2016
by inesp.alves

State of the art in achondroplasia

In the present, achondroplasia has more opportunities in the scientific search for a treatment than almost any other rare disease has. And this is very amazing. There are some relevant points in the science that is being produced for achondroplasia: … Continue reading

October 20, 2014
by inesp.alves

Soluble FGFR3 rectification

In my last post, about the V International congress around achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasia, I mentioned the participation of Dr. Elvire Gouze and her lecture. She is responsable for the developement of the soluble FGFR3. Dr. Elvire Gouze was kind to … Continue reading

July 4, 2014
by inesp.alves
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A summary of achondroplasia´s potential treatments

I have been following for several months the search work of prof. Morrys Kaisermann around achondroplasia latest researchs. He keeps a blog about achondroplasia named “Acondroplasia-Achondroplasia” and his lastest post is a brilliant synopsis of the current achondroplasia potential treatments and … Continue reading

September 19, 2013
by inesp.alves

New approach: postnatal soluble FGFR3

This past few weeks, have been rich in new acknowledgments around achondroplasia treatment. Yesterday, a research team from Inserm, published the following article: Postnatal Soluble FGFR3 Therapy Rescues Achondroplasia Symptoms and Restores Bone Growth in Mice   Abstract Achondroplasia is … Continue reading

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