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In my last post, about the V International congress around achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasia, I mentioned the participation of Dr. Elvire Gouze and her lecture. She is responsable for the developement of the soluble FGFR3.

Dr. Elvire Gouze was kind to write to me, after reading this post, for a rectification.

Dr. Gouze funded TherAchon (Therpeutics for Achondropalsia) financed by Versant Ventures and Inserm Transfert Initiative. This means that they have fundings to take the study to the next step not needing a pharmaceutical company to take the soluble FGFR3 further.

Her team goal is to do all the preclinical development of the soluble FGFR3. They are aware of the difficulties of this challenge but they are doing their best to develop a molecule with great outcome for achondroplasia. So they are reviewing the soluble FGFR3 in the way to make it work better and be even more effective.

I will keep following closely Dr. Gouze work, since I believe the soluble FGFR3 has a major chance of having a real physiologic success in treating achondroplasia.

Thank you for your work, positive feedback and rectification, Dr. Gouze.


  1. Dr. Elvire Gouza’s molecule sounds brilliant to me, and I am anxiously awaiting updates about Therachon. That she is working this diligently and with great determination provides wonderful reasons to hope

  2. are there any studies involving hypoachondroplasia? our granddaughter age 9 will soon be to old.

  3. Are there doctors in the pacific northwest specializing in Hypoachondroplasia? Where is the nearest doctor you would know of.? This is for a 9 year old girl. thank you.

  4. Ólá Inês,

    É muito bom saber que muitos tratamentos em potenciais estão sendo estudados para a Acondroplasia,

    só espero que tenhamos respostas rápidas,

    Você/Tu que tinha contato com o pessoal do estudo da Meclizina tem alguma atualização, alguma novidade ?

    Sabe me dizer quando termina a Fase 2 do BMN-111, e quando possivelmente está droga irá para a aprovação do FDA (EUA) ??

    OBrigado, e boa sorte !

    Seu Blog está muito bom, muito informativo ! 🙂

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