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Otitis media returns

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The last few days have been hard for Clara. Last weekend, she had to deal with a high fever with gastritis for a couple of days. Two days later, her left ear (once again) released a large amount of effusion. She had a constant high fever, that was only controlled with anti-inflamatory drugs  taken each 4 hours.

But this time, Clara showed signs of intense pain, denying any touch near her left ear. So many otitis media episodes before and never she refused to be touched or had such a pain crying. She stopped all attempts from us to clean the effusion debris from the external ear canal. She cried every time we accidentally touched her ear. Conclusion: the antibiotics drops weren´t getting inside the ear canal as they should once the released effusion got hardened.

Once the middle ear still had more effusion that wasn´t coming out because her ear was almost closed with debris, in an ultimatum hard choice, we knew that we had to hear her cry and suffer a bit while taking of the effusion debris. The time chosen for that was after she took and analgesic medication ( that she had to take for the fever). At that moment, we had a talk with her explaining the motifs of our action. And gladly she trusted us.

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Now, 7 days later, she has no more fever, but still shows intense pain signs if we touch her ear.

We are searching for new approaches for this issue. The constant otitis media with effusion can produce hearing loss and timpanosclerosis for the affected ear.

Here you can read a review article for surgical treatments for otitis media with effusion.


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