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Orphan Drugs Summit 2014 – Media partner



We are just two days of this great event and I’m honored to have been chosen to participate as a media partner.

The Orphan Drugs Summit is the leading rare disease event in Northern Europe. A well-established platform where pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, hospital representatives, researchers, patient organizations, venture capitalists, regulatory bodies, and industry associations meet to discuss and influence the future of orphan drugs.

The Summit is designed to increase interaction among participants, promote knowledge flow and instigate partnerships and alliances for those working with orphan drugs.

All participants have access to an online meeting scheduler, the Meeting Mojo, for a one to one meeting. It´s a practical and efficient way to organize and contact with influential people who, otherwise would/could be absorbed by others, also interested in changing ideas and knowledge.

The Orphan Drugs Summit has increased networking opportunities and invited leading industry professionals with gripping presentations to address the following topics:

  • Market Access challenges and strategies
  • Incentives & regulatory framework
  • Patient registries
  • Access to Orphan Drugs
  • Partnerships and Financing
  • Pricing & Reimbursement
  • Scientific & Clinical Development

In this Summit, all attendees will have the opportunity to join two round tables to discuss major themes. I have had one experience of this kind in the latest meeting I attended (ECRAN meeting) and it is a very enriching time, where all participants have time to present themselves, talk and learn from others experience.


I will keep updates. Exploring the Summit!

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