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One importante step forward on rare diseases registry


From now on, all sponsors of clinical trials have to share and publish relevant information about the trial on the EudraCT , the European Clinical Trials Database. Trials results information will be publicly available at the EU Clinical Trials Register including summary results from sponsors.

 This step, that might seem to be absolutely useless for many people, it is in fact, crucial and not just for the institutions that participate or regulate clinical trials but to all people who want to know what the reality inside a clinical trial and getting access to real results and drugs protocols.

I mentioned this issue in the post about the ECRAN meeting and at that time, the absence of protocols, the description of the methods used in a scientific experiment that will allow others to replicate the experience and prove the results.

This EMA initiative is major!

Image from AKKA Benelux

Image from AKKA Benelux

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