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One day of Lucas

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Lucas is a 12 years old spanish boy who is crossing the lengthening process. This is a short film about one of his days.

He is brave. He makes others feel braver…

No need of translation.


Some words from Lucas, taken from his sister’s blog:

“Five months have pass since I have these irons and you can´t imagine the incredible will I have to remove them. They have told me that the intervention doesn´t hurt anything. In June I will continue using a wheelchair for the bone to form properly, and in July and August I can start walking with the aid of crutches. I do not know if it will be easy or difficult, but I know I will have an incredible splash out.

It hurt less whenever I have to walk, it will change my habits, will no longer have to do daily treatment, I will have less fear of falling and more confidence in myself.”


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