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Growing together with Clara

Bikes and Trikes for children with dwarfism


Since some months ago, I have been doing a search for a tricycle or bike for Clara. I asked to several companies and bikes stores if they could adapt a trike for Clara. But no one could do that or didn´t know how to do it.

But recently, many things happened!

Two weeks ago, I commented with Clara´s occupational therapist that I had this quest. In that exact moment, she replied ” My husband can do that!”.

Shortly after, João Concha, her husband, came into the therapy room, saw Clara and we talked about what could be done to do a trike for her. João is a sculptur in his freetime. He sculpts iron pieces. His amazing gallery art can be seen in his website: Rusty Place .
By chance, he said he had a old child bicycle at home that he could use. In that same day, he took that bike, cut it and welded it and after slight modifications, we brought the bike home one week later.
Clara has a bicycle now! Just needs a paint job and a pair of training wheels.

I can never thank enough João, for his art, for his kindness and care. His gesture has my full admiration.


Now, Clara has to learn how to do the pedaling movement. Next, will be a ride in the park!

More or less at the same time, I found a great website for custom creations: trikes and bikes for children with dwarfism. I contacted them and shortly after I received a kind reply from Nathan Hooper, the creative, builder and owner of Me& Hoop´s.

As said by Nathan in the website: “I was asked to design and build a trike for one of my wife’s pre-school students. The custom built trike was received by its new little owner with such enthusiasm—as one who could finally ride rather than just watch other children do so—that my resolve for designing all that ‘little people’ could hope for increased ten fold.”

“All products made special for each individual with optional enhancements, colors, accessories, graphics, themes and so much more!”

I see this as a Social entrepreneurship with full merit.

Thank you so much to João and Nathan!



  1. Hi there,

    I was wondering how much a tricycle would cost similar to the one you purchased? My daughter is almost two and was hoping to get her one.

    • Dear Shawna,
      I was a gift from an iron sculptor from my city. But it worked just for a few time. I end on buying a regular kids bike, but that allowed the seat to be dropped a lot. it was a 100 dollars bike

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