Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

10 days after


Ten days after a forced rest in the hospital, Clara is back home.

After two CT scans, with 12 days interval between both, while in a “cage rest”, Clara was discharged from the hospital, but with restrictions. The neurosurgeons team decided that they will keep a conservative approach once Clara isn´t showing any neurologic sign, no brain middle line deviation and she seems doing great.

Although the hematoma kept its shape and size, with major compression in the left parietal lobe, it turned more hypodense. It looks less whiter in the CT scan (or more gray). And that is a sign of reabsorption.


ABCs of Head CT Interpretation in the Emergency Department: CT Interpretation Workshop Guide. Heather M. Prendergast, Department of Emergency Medicine University of Illinois at Chicago

Chronic subdural hematomas becomes low density as the hemorrhage is further reabsorbed. It is usually uniformly low density but may be loculated. Rebleeding often occurs and causes mixed density and fluid levels. (University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, Department of Radiology)

27 nov BA

27 November 2014

9 dez BA

9 December 2014

I tried to choose images for this comparison with the same radiation index.

Although I try to keep open mind in this confusing situation, I see Clara well, with a more complex speech and ideas. And then I see her CT scans, back to forward and vice versa and I get absolutely crushed by the images…

For the next two months, at least, Clara won´t go to the kindergarten and we will keep the continued reduction of activity in this “house arrest”. But Clara is at home and we can go outdoors, that is one of the simplest best thing you can have: fresh air and sun.

I made sure that I would bring with us an anticonvulsive drug for a SOS if she has a convulsion.


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