Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

The first day after

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And one day went through!

Since thursday, I stayed with Clara at the hospital during all day and night. But last night (the first after surgeries) and tonight, my husband wanted to stay with Clara at the ICU (Intensive care unit). I wished we both could stay with her, but that is only possible during the day. Even so, the large majority of the technical teams (helpers, nurses and doctors), show common sense and genuine major interest for the child well-being and recovery period and allow us to break schedule rules. So, we could both stay at the ICU until 10pm together, but was over 11pm when I left my husband and Clara. I left her already sleeping today.

Today started with a bittersweet taste. I slept in a bed (4 nights sleeping in an armchair) but woke up alone, without seeing my husband and Clara.

I got ready quite quick and in a 5 minutes walk, I arrived to the hospital. And there they were! Clara had a good night, although she was a little bit sedated. It was good to see her moving well arms and legs, playing with her toy and observing all around her. And during all night, her oxymetry level was stable and around a great 98% average!  And yes, she also had plenty of time to removed her ear caps from the bilateral myringotomy and to start chewing some tubes that lay around her! She had some distraction with a syringe, besides her toys!


Without moving her back and neck, she drank milk from a bottle and with that blue triangle pillow she ate soup and apple puree. And she ate with will! She really was in the mood for eating, almost after more than 24 h almost without food in her stomach. Today was the food revenge day!Image

And she kept her favorite position with laying down: legs wide open! Even after many hours in the same position, Clara had a good humor and smiled to new people coming.


Now, she almost makes it like it was just “a ride in the park”. We were very afraid of the risks that her clinical state and surgery could bring to Clara. The fear was enormous. And after seeing her leave yesterday the surgery room breathing by herself, with dried lips, semi open eyes, a little swollen and whining with a hoarshe voice due to the ventilation tube, then I levitate!

Today was a much more relaxing day, still remembering all the risks of the first 24h/48h. She complained a little bit in some moments, but my “all tubes girl” with her very handsome red light foot, was full of brightness and smiles to fill our day with a bigger joy.




Our only sadness is our son not being with us and with his sister. A hospital is not a good place to keep a healthy child, but we miss him badly!

This next times have in us a double effort, but we know that the best is being done to get the four of us together as soon as possible.

And now, Clara is helping us to see a brighter side of life and all our amazing family, and specially to my mother in law, with all her ability to take care of my son while we are absent, our aunts and uncles that are helping us move beyond these moments helping us in countless ways and all tenderness they share with us and to my brother-in-law that opened his house to be our other house besides the hospital during the next couple of weeks.

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