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I´m not a religious person. I´ve no faith in any religion. But I have faith in what we can achieve with our capacities, determination and will.

A friend sent me this story a couple of months ago, but now I want to share it with you:

Some women become mothers by choice, by accident. Some, few, due to social pressure, and other by habit. This year many women will become mothers of children “not so healthy”.
Have you ever wondered how the mothers of these children are chosen?
Somehow, I like to imagine the selection of God, hovering over us, your special people, with great care and deliberation.
While He indicates the name of this woman to an Angel, He smiles “give this woman a child not so well.”

The Angel, curious, asks: “But God,  why this woman? She is so happy, strong and joyful. “

“Exactly.” God smiles.

“How could I give that child a mother who does not know what is the smile and patience, strength and stamina? “
“I’ve been watching her for a long time.” God says.

“You see, the child that I will give to her, has its own world and its own problems. She has to shape her world for this child, teach, support and take care of this child with a special love. And this will not be easy. ”
She has no idea, but this woman with the child “not so well”, will eventually be admired.

She is a person who will never consider banal each conquest of her child’s life, when her child goes to school, it will be a miracle, each anniversary will be a fantastic achievement, and the years will be full of precious memories, things that other mothers give as guaranteed.
But she will never be alone in this task-I will be at her side every minute of every day, because she is doing my work. All that this woman will have to do to see a Saint is to look in the mirror.
I am proud of my mothers.

Author Unknown


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