Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

Some moments of pure enchantment


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  1. These are beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. I enjoy your thoughtful, informative posts very much.

    Krista (mother to Annika, age 7, achondroplasia)

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    • Hello Krista! Thank you so much for your words. It´s hard to share personal moments, but I also know how importante is for other parents to see smiles like these!
      How is Annika!? I would like so much to know about her!!)

  2. superb pictures, enjoy these great moment.

    I did not notice that you had a son, so my daughter Anta ( 12) my son Jules ( 8) are enjoying good moment with Nella. Untill now all is fine she is not going into any program before next November at Necker.when we will meet again the specialist there.

    For now, Nella is bringing happiness to my family.

    thanks for sharing


    • So good to hear all is going great with Nella! I’m very happy for you all! Three children, amazing. I would like very much to have 3 children too. Afonso is my oldest son, with 4 years-old. Afonso and Clara simply love each other!

  3. Lovely pictures, they put things in perspective for parents of achondroplasia children like me – my 5 month old son was recently diagnosed and I’m still mourning the future he will not have and trying to figure out what next. ..

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