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Sleep study – annual control

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Last 28th July, Clara did her fifth sleep study. She was 35 months-old. This exam was done with video monitoring. She was excited to sleep that night at the hospital. But it was a quite tiring night. It was a hot night and Clara was covered in wires, in her head and body. Her excitement was replaced by an unpleasant sensation of having small devices near her mouth and cannulas inside her nostrils. But even so, she behaved very, very well, always with a calm temper and with capacity to understand that she needed to sleep with all those devices on her head and face.

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Clara – 35 months-old

The study conclusions were quite good:

-Sleep study with some artifacts in the EEG (electroencephalogram – exam that is used to detects abnormalities in the brain waves or electrical activity of the brain), that increased the difficulty to evaluate the sleep stage in some periods.

-Slight reduction of sleep efficiency due to increased number of awakenings

-Sleep structure globally maintained

-No anomalous limb movements

-Without significant respiratory events or desaturation (decrease in body oxygen level)

-Slight dyspnea with snoring

-Normal average heart beat for the age

Clara had just two events of obstructive apnea, and short duration. Still remains with no answer why she has such an increased awakening. I have already enquirer her pulmonologist about this point. Clara had moved a lot during this study what was enough to have her always rolled-up in wires.

Comparing this study with the first ones, is a good evidence that her first year of life was the most complex and with more respiratory complications. During the growth process, occurs the development of the superior respiratory anatomy which enables the child to breath better. foto3 ES

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