Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

Rear facing car seat


Until now, when Clara travelled by car, she was placed in an infant car seat (0 classification), in the passenger seat. It was a good place to observe her while travelling, and for that, one of us, me or my husband, had to go in the back seat.

Now, we have another car seat, a 0+ and Clara goes in the back seat. It has isofix and is safer for that. Now, I´m just waiting for a special mirror I ordered, to be placed in the head support of the back seat, for us to be able to see her.

This seat has a good size, not small or big. She seems very well travelling inside it.

Even so, I just have to check better if I can put this seat more inclined backwards.



The European Parliament has adopted the Report on European Road Safety 2011-2020 (A7-0264/2011), which calls for the use of rear facing child seat for children up to the age of three travelling in vehicles and the new US regulation is 2 years in a rear facing seat.

A special Thank you to our uncles, Gina and António, who gave us this car seat.

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