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Growing together with Clara

Physical rehabilitation update


Yesterday, Clara had another appointment with her physiatrist. Four months after the last appointment, her physiatrist doctor found that Clara developed better protective reflexes and her whole locomotion structure was greatly improved. The doctor report had the following observations:

-21 months-old baby

-Slight reverse bend back

-Thoracolumbar kyphosis

-Lumbar lordosis without anteversion of the coxofemoral joins.

-Genus varus with slight internal rotation (torsion)

-Slight varus metatarsus, mostly in the left foot.

-Good manipulations.

-Good manual dexterity.

-Walks without any support, in fast and smooth motion.

-Grasps objects from the floor without support.

-Rises from the ground without support.

-Good protective extension reactions.

-Still doesn´t combine a two words sentence.

-Apparently no change in verbal comprehension.

At the moment, Clara is having one physiotherapy session and one hydrotherapy session per week.

In relation to the slight varus metatarsus in her left foot, the doctor advised a very peculiar but effective technique: change shoes. Right shoe on the left foot and vice-versa (only if the shoe is plain inside). And immediately, the position of her left foot approaching the ground during gait, modified for better. And she didn´t show any upset about this change. Walking bare feet is also the best for her.

2014-06-25 08.56.45

Next plan: having two physiotherapy sessions and one hydrotherapy session once a week.

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