Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

April 28, 2014
by inesp.alves
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Days to enjoy better

This last couple weeks have been intense, filled with new challenges. Clara started to take her first steps alone! She also had another sleep study (the fourth) and the report was unacceptably inconclusive (and I will address this theme here soon). … Continue reading

Sitting without support

February 26, 2014 by inesp.alves | 2 Comments

Each new step, has such a marvelous taste. I´m not in a rush for her be capable do this and that. I just want to capture and taste all these moments. Now she can sit alone! And yes, I´m joyful!
People tend to compare their children physical characteristics and their achievements since they are born with other children. With achondroplasia or average height childs.

Clara hasn´t to be better than anyone neither she has to do this and that before other child with achondroplasia. I´m not raising her in that perspective of comparison. I just want her to grow the healthier as possible, as a complete person with her own capacities and with her own goals.
Now, she is just a delightful baby, enjoying every moment and that simplicity that she has in her life and that pureness is just the best of being a child!

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