Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

Otitis + upper respiratory infection + fever…


Since 6th November, Clara had 3 otitis in her left ear. Now, in her 3rd otitis since two days ago, this time a fever came together. Last night, her body temperature seemed a bit high during her sleep, her breathing was faster and her oximetry was excellent (99%-100%). She slept all night! And that was the first time since she was born that I slept all night long. When she woke up, her face was full of snot (she has been with lots and lots of nasal secretion) and she had a fever. She was all sweaty and her anterior fontanelle seemed to be bulging and with some tension. I gave her a warm bath right away and an anti-inflammatory suppository. She looked well and with her usual good mood. I put the antibiotic drops in her ear and after, she hat her corn-flakes with home-made oat milk and she talked and played. And then, I took her to the nursery. But three hours later, her teacher called saying that she had a fever (38,7 celsius degrees). Anyway, she ate her lunch. They gave her an oral anti-inflammatory and she sleep a 3 hour nap.

I was working away and my husband took her to the pediatrician in his private practice. He sent her to the city hospital. Meanwhile, we spoke to our neurosurgeon in Estefania hospital, Lisbon that advice a CAT scan because the fontanelle was bulging and it wasn´t possible to get an MRI in such a short time.

The pediatrician in service wanted to take a blood sample, but two nurses were trying and trying to take that sample, without any success. At that time, my husband alone with her, had to say for them to stop with that. She has arm bruises…

We are giving her an anti-inflammatory 4 in 4 hours and that is the only way the fever is controlled. We started a systemic antibiotic too (that she enjoyed very much!).

For the CAT scan, and because she was awake, we both stayed with her and spoke and sang to her will the device was working. Report: brain ventricles are okay. No hydrocephalus or higher pressure inside her head.




Back home, she ate her dinner, and played with her brother. Now, she is sleeping with light clothes and a light blanket and it is a cold night, but her temperature must be stable. Her saturation is 99%. At 4am is time for the antibiotic and another suppository.

Hopping that her immune system fights back the infection with the help of the treatment.

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