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Meclozine is a drug in use for decades, and is used for motion sickness, without major adverse effects. And in this September, it became public that a japanese research team was studying meclozine to treat achondroplasia.

Yesterday, I was given new information about meclozine (already mentioned here in September). The most recent article published about this drug is now free at Plos One:

Meclozine Facilitates Proliferation and Differentiation of Chondrocytes by Attenuating Abnormally Activated FGFR3 Signaling in Achondroplasia

I´ve contacted the Japanese research team responsible for this study in September, but I had no answer. Meanwhile, two parents of a baby girl with achondroplasia, from the USA, contacted me with a great news! They received an answer from the head researcher and they were very kind to share it!

Prof. Kinji Ohno sayed that they have examined the effect in explanted bones and they have now started giving meclozine orally to model mice!

Most important information is that a drug company is interested in their study, and they are planning to start a clinical trial if everything goes well.

Until now, nobody has even taken meclozine for a long-term, and this research team don´t know if long-term administration is safe or not. So we all hope that meclozine can be used to treat achondroplasia in the near future after being tested in a long-term use.

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