Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

Hydrotherapy in achondroplasia


NAVARRO et al. (2006) published the article “Use of hydrotherapy in the socialization and prevention of complications in children with achondroplasia“. This was a report of the use of hydrotherapy, twice week for 1 month, as a treatment for a 3-year-old child with achondroplasia .

The water activity is used to stimulate the motor development using functional exercises to increase motor skills, and thereafter developing independence and self-confidence of the patient. The viscosity promotes dimensional resistance during active exercises; the hydrostatic pressure promotes stability and during immersion there is a decrease in vital capacity, increasing the work of breathing. This improves postural balance in standing position, the march, the tropism of the marching muscles. In addition, improves the function of the respiratory system from the increase in tidal volume and by strengthening the inspiratory muscles.


Instead of having 2 sessions of physiotherapy per week, Clara has one session of hydrotherapy (30 minutes) and a session of physiotherapy (45 minutes) per week.

She started the hydrotherapy one month ago and it´s quite admirable her actual motor development inside and outside water and she shows increased confidence and total relaxation inside water and she is walking a lot now too.


     Clara seems to have a lot of fun catching the ducklings. While she plays, her limbs movements are under close control of her physiotherapist.





The hydrotherapy sessions take place in the pool of a private fitness center. This fitness center offers APCE, the association responsable for Clara´s physiotherapy, the use of the pool for hydrotherapy. The facilities are very good.


And after a relaxing warmer bath, Clara takes always an apple offered on the way out of the fitness center and she doesn´t leave it until she finish it!

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