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Growing together with Clara

Days to enjoy better

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This last couple weeks have been intense, filled with new challenges.

Clara started to take her first steps alone!

She also had another sleep study (the fourth) and the report was unacceptably inconclusive (and I will address this theme here soon). She has been dealing with a continuous otitis media in her left ear and she did two analyzes, done one day apart, of the otitis exudate that emerges from her ear at the same time, one done using a swab with growth medium by a nurse and another done by her ENT doctor using a profund ear aspiration. The swab analyzes reveled the presence of Chlamydia while the aspiration reveled the presence of Streptococcus. Two different results. The attempt to solve this continuous otitis is being hard to manage. Even so, Clara keeps dealing with it with a smile and good mood. But I need to reduce the risk of losing her hearing in this ear. I will get back to this subject too.

Well, we needed to have some days out. And because there are images that speak for themselves, here I share some.









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