Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

Hearing exams

On the 25th and 27th March 2013, we toke Clara to Estefânia hospital for her first hearing exams: audiogram, tympanogram and auditory evoked potentials.
For the evoked potentials, she had to sleep during the exam. This is to minimize head movements and increase the sensitivity of the exam. To do this, she should get into the hospital very sleepy. Then, when she would be called, she would fall asleep when placed on the examination table. That was the plan. It looked simple…
Our ENT doctor advised us  to wake her up early, and not to let her go to sleep during the car trip. The examination was scheduled for 11. 30. We woke up Clara at 8 am, and at 9.00 am we left home to Lisbon. Is a one hour and a half trip. The big problem was to keep her awake while sitting on her car seat!

It was very complicated and very disturbing not allowing her to sleep. I had to sing a lot, pinch her ears, shake her. Whatever I could imagine. And she cried and cried. And I was about to do the same. Clara almost doesn´t cry. It was very hard to do that… If there will be a next time, my husband and I will change places in the car.

When we got to the hospital, after one terrible hour, she opened her bright blue eyes and she “woke up” without had slept before. She was called in schedule and… she was still very much awake. We were told that if she didn´t fall asleep in half an hour, we had to leave and reschedule the exam. No, not again!

We were in a dark room and my husband, cuddle her a lot until finally, 25 minutes later, she felt asleep! Breathing out!

The exam to 45minutes and after the last evaluation, she woke up!

potenciais evocados 27 março13

After the exam, still with the electrodes in her face and head

Clara is hearing just around de 40/50 decibels. An healthy child should hear around 20/30 decibels.


Her tympanogram also shows almost no vibration of the eardrums, and that is a confirmation of the CAT scan of the otitis media she has in both ears.


Although Clara hears when we talk to her, she doesn´t hear sharp sounds. So her ENT doctor put her in the hospital surgery waiting list to put ear tubes.

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