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Vosoritide for achondroplasia

In June, the Company published results from the Phase 2 study showing a 50 percent or 2.01 cm/year increase in mean annualized growth velocity (speed at which growth in children occurs) in the cohort of 10 patients receiving a 15 µg/kg dose of vosoritide daily for six months compared with their own pre-treatment growth velocity (p-value= 0.01).

Based on these results, BioMarin intends to move into Phase 3 study discussions on the next stage of development with health authorities with a dose of 15 micrograms per kilogram daily. In addition, to support further exploration of a dose that may enable “catch-up” growth in the event of delayed treatment, a fourth cohort with 30 micrograms per kilogram daily has recently completed enrollment in the Phase 2 study.

BioMarin will provide an update on Phase 3 design and plans, as well as 12 month results from the Phase 2 study at the R&D Day in April 2016.

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  1. Hola Inés como estas.
    Muy buena y esperanzadora tu información como siempre.
    En Colombia existe la posibilidad de que se maneje la fase 3 de pruebas. Estamos muy al tanto de esa opción. Dios proveerá.

    Sabemos que Alpe maneja todo un protocolo de atención mediante medicina alternativa con muy buenos resultados.

    Nos gustaría saber si tenemos la opción de poder tener acceso a esta información y poder revisarla en Colombia con nuestros médicos.

    Mil gracias por tu ayuda.
    Un gran abrazo y bendiciones para Clara.

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