Beyond Achondroplasia

Growing together with Clara

Active play


Pushing a doll stroller its one of the latest physical therapy exercises Clara does with her therapist and she really enjoy it. Now she has her own doll stroller and she plays with it a lot.

“Pushing toys provide a way for children to feel supported and safe as they improve the physical skills that allow for whole body movement. Children may enjoy pushing an engaging or entertaining toy such as a toy shopping cart, doll stroller or ball popper while strengthening large muscles groups to help improve gross motor skills.

The stability of a push toy can help children feel supported, as they develop strength and balance,  helping unsteady children to walk. 

Learning to coordinate both sides of the body is an important part of a child’s gross motor development. Push toys help children learn to coordinate the left side of the body with the right. A child might push a doll stroller while taking a step forward with her left foot. The stroller helps stabilize the child while she coordinates the right foot to then take a step.

Push toys also help children develop the coordination to maneuver around obstacles, such as a laundry basket in their path. Once children have learned to walk, push toys help them exercise and coordinate their large muscles so they can learn to walk faster, step backward and eventually run.

Push toys help a child use and strengthen leg muscles that might not have been used before.

Reference : Department of health Services, Wisconsin. Active play

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