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A new step forward for TherAchon: the Dreambird study on Achondroplasia


TherAchon is a Biotechnology company that was established in 2014 and focuses on rare diseases. It is developing a drug for achondroplasia in particular: TA-46, which is planned to go onto phase I clinical trials in 2019 [1].

In order to prepare for the clinical trial with TA-46, TherAchon needs to capture many parameters on achondroplasia, as for example, establish how much children with achondroplasia grow each year, or understanding the baseline growth.

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TherAchon has announced at the end of June that they have started a Natural History study on achondroplasia, called Dreambird.

The Dreambird study will follow-up 200 participants from several sites in Europe, USA and Canada which will evaluate and measure children growth, disease progression, the potential risk of complications related to ACH and protection factors, among other biological parameters for a specific period [2]. Which parameters will be measured, exactly, have not been disclosed yet, but the full details of this study will be available in the Clinical Trials website very soon.

Is important to emphasize that, because the Dreambird study is an observational study, the experimental drug TA-46 will not be administered at any time in this study.

Nevertheless, since one of the objectives of this study, besides providing a better understanding of pediatric achondroplasia, is to establish the baseline growth rates and to identify biomarkers for achondroplasia, it will be mandatory for children to participate in the Dreambird study before being enrolled in the future interventional studies, namely: the phase 2 and 3 of the TA-46 clinical trial.

The age of children to be enrolled in the Dreambird study is from 0 to 10 years old.




  1. Hi my names are wyven kaumba I would like to know if you are still enrolling for the Dreambird study on achondroplasia.
    I have a 4 months old baby girl with achondroplasia and would like to know if we can join the study

    • Dear Wyven,

      The coordinator of the study in each of the clinical centers that are being selected by the company to conduct the study are the ones that can recruit your child to the study. Beyond Achondroplasia does not recruit patients for any study, although we can inform the existence of studies. Also, the pharmaceutical companies or BioTechnology companies do not recruit for any study.

      • Hi my name is Guoling Liu, a neurosurgeon in China. I have little boy aged 1 whose gene detection revealed mutation of FGFR3. Is is possible to get some achondroplasia treatment from your company now?

        • I have replied by email. Beyond Achondroplasia is a website dedicated to informing about the most updated news, clinical and scientifical research of achondroplasia and not a company. All the work done in Beyond Achondroplasia is a volunteer work.

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