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5th Nordic Skeletal Dysplasia Symposium – full session dedicated to achondroplasia


The 5th Nordic Skeletal Dysplasia Symposium will be held in Copenhagen, on March 8-9, 2018.

As stated in the Welcome note of this symposium “Skeletal dysplasias are rare diseases and the annual symposium is important to share medical knowledge with colleagues in different countries. We hope to attract all medical professionals who are working in – or are interested in – the field of skeletal dysplasias. This includes both caregivers, clinicians, scientist, and students“.

On the day 2 of the event, a full session will be dedicated to achondroplasia, on the following topics:

13.30-14.30 Management and follow-up of achondroplasia, Irwing M/Osmund D
14.30-15.00 Cervical spine compression/instability: diagnoses, signs and symptoms, Borbjerg T
15.00-15.15 Achondroplasia: mechanical axis considerations. Orthosis – true or false, Hindsø K
15.15-15.30 Finnish quiz with focus on achondroplasia three-five questions, Valta H

We will try to gather and share some information that will be presented at this symposium.



  1. Hello Inês,
    Did you gather any new information about treatments of achondroplasia at symposium?

    • Dear Emre, I did not personally attend this symposium, but I asked for the presentations related to achondroplasia to one member of the organizing committee.

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